GDS enter into partnership with Paymentsense


GDS and Paymentsense have entered into a partnership agreement that will see the Paymentsense electronic payment facility integrated into the GDS Workshop Manager system.

Paymentsense are one of the fastest growing payment providers in the UK at the moment and is Europe’s largest merchant service provider. This is down to the extremely competitive card fees and processing rates that they offer, and the strong customer relationships that they look to build and maintain. As partners, we believe that Paymentsense will be able to offer the following to GDS customers:

  1. Money Saving – Paymentsense aim to save you money on charges paid to your existing payments provider.
  2. Time Saving – GDS communicates directly with the Paymentsense Card Terminal so there is less keying of data.
  3. Less errors – less keying of data on the payment terminal means less chance for mistakes to happen!
  4. Easier reconciling – Payment receipt data is logged in the GDS system for easy access to payment reports.
  5. Quick and easy switching to take advantage of this benefits.

Please email us for more information:

To get a quote from Paymentsense, we just need a recent card machine invoice which details your rates. During May and June 2018, as a GDS customer, if you switch from your current payments provider to Paymentsense, you can earn an onboarding fee of £100 which we will credit to your customer account.