GDS Paymentsense Integration


The GDS and Paymentsense Card Terminal integration is live and ready for use within GDS systems.

Customer savings for GDS customers are averaging £300 per year

Plus… GDS Customers can get free payment terminal rental for life and 30 day contract terms when switching from an existing payment terminal provider before March 2019 – no 12 month or 24 month contract!

Integration means that you can handle all card sales and refund transactions directly in the GDS system which will log the successful outcome and payoff any invoice or credit notes automatically.

Please click the following link to view a video which describes and demonstrates the integration: YouTube:

Switching to Paymentsense should provide the following benefits and there isn’t any need to delay due to an existing contract because Paymentsense can in most cases pay any contract termination fees

Paymentsense are be able to offer the following to GDS customers:

  1. Money Saving – Paymentsense aim to save you money on charges paid to your existing payments provider.
  2. Time Saving – GDS communicates directly with the Paymentsense Card Terminal so there is less keying of data.
  3. Less errors – less keying of data on the payment terminal means less chance for mistakes to happen!
  4. Easier reconciling – Payment receipt data is logged in the GDS system for easy access to payment reports.
  5. Quick and easy switching to take advantage of this benefits.

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Before March 2019, as a GDS customer, if you switch from your current payments provider to Paymentsense, you can get free terminal rental for the lifetime of your contract and 30 day contract terms meaning you can cancel at short notice if you’re not happy.



Card payment solutions which integrate with GDS

Card payment solutions which integrate with GDS.