GDS Boat Manager

Easy Boat Management Software

GDS Boat Manager is a fully integrated software application for managing daily workshop activities, creating invoices, and maintaining accurate boat records.

GDS is MTD (Making Tax Digital) compliant. Our software has been approved by HMRC for MTD regulations.

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Manage All Workshop Activities

Store all your customer, boat, engine, stock and supplier details.

Easier Estimates and Invoicing

Our system includes estimates, jobsheets and sales invoices. Its flexible approach enables you to create documents using menu priced jobs, easily add parts and invoices can be split for insurance purposes.

Cost Tracking and Supplier Management

Internal billing / cost tracking facilities. Purchase Invoices and Stock Control.

Colour Code documents by Status Types

Bookings, Estimates, jobsheets and invoices can be colour coded with editable job statues so everyone can see the status of progress for any job.

Integrated Modules

  • Purchase Invoice control
  • Diary/Booking Planner
  • Inspection and Service Reminders
  • Built in editable electronic inspection sheets
  • Comprehensive Stock Control
  • Text Message and Email sending facility
  • Postcode lookup for addresses
  • Tech Times, Mechanics Job Hours logging and reporting facility
  • Marketing Module for easy communication with your customers
  • Document Attachments module to store files/pictures against specific records
  • Barcode Scanning for increased performance of stock parts movements in/out
  • Multi-Branch and remote working facilities

Accounting Features

  • Sales Reports and Graphs
  • Ledger Reports and Daybook
  • Customer and Supplier Statements
  • Top Customers & Lapsed Customers
  • VAT Figures for any period
  • Unpaid Invoices Reports
  • Stock Used / Stock Level Reports
  • Boat/Engine History Report

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Let’s tell you some more…

1. Sales Invoice Production

Invoice Production is fast…

The system automatically pulls through the Customer and Associated Boat/Engine details once the Customer code or Boat name is entered. The Invoice Details screen can have lines of detail grouped into relevant sections, such as Parts, Labour etc., as required. Sections can be created and stored as Menu Jobs to automatically fill in an invoice with often used descriptions, quantities and prices. Stock Parts and Detailed VAT & Totals Analysis are displayed at the bottom of the screen.

2. Purchase Invoice Entry

Purchase Invoice Entry Purchase Invoices and Credit Notes can be entered onto the system…

Invoices can automatically update stock quantities for Stock Items. Individual items on the Invoice can be linked to Customers in order to aid part warranty checks in the future. Purchased Parts can be added directly to Sales Invoices which maintains a link to the Purchase Invoice for future reference.

3. Document Attachments

Documents and photographs can be attached or scanned into the system. These are stored against a boat, customer or attached to a document.

What our customers think…

“Having spent some time looking for a product to help us improve our back office systems at our boatyard and engineering facility we struck gold with GDS , the system itself is very straight forward, the team behind the scenes have been great, especially as you switch over from the old to new , never an easy task, but with  Neil and Chris’s team we got there and are currently looking at taking it to our other sites”

Lucas Shotts

Director – Dean & Reddyhoff Ltd

Want to find out more? Give our team a call…

Call us on 01482 330735 drop us an email at info@gds.co.uk