GDS Online Booking System

Online Booking System

The GDS® Online Booking System is a highly configurable booking system that can be easily embedded into a new or existing website.

It can be integrated into existing GDS products, or be used as a standalone system, as it is a desktop application with it’s own diary view.

How will this work on your garage’s existing website?

Once customers have decided on the type of booking they require, they choose an available time and date that you have set and then confirm that they want the booking through an email received. Once it has been confirmed you will be able to accept it or reject it and have the ability to submit a rejection reason to the customer.

The Technical Bit

Once you have bought the software and have the program installed on the computers you need, we create a piece of source HTML code which we can email to you, and you will then be able to provide this to the people who look after your website. This code should create the template you see on the right, on your website and allow your customers to click on the service they require and enter their personal details to send to your garage.

Booking Slot Management

You can edit slot times for each service, so if you change the available times of the service, it will automatically reflect on the website for your customers to see when booking.

You can also block certain times and dates from being used, for example if technicians have holidays booked and you cannot provide a certain service or on a particular day or week.

Multiple Service / Slot Types 

You can configure the system to include up to 10 different services depending on what you offer and have different slot times for each of these services. Allowing your customers to select exactly what they need and when, without having to call and check what times are available.

Integrated Modules

Any Online Bookings accepted can be linked through to the Bookings Diary inside your existing GDS® Product.

You can have it installed on Multiple computers and it will use the existing user accounts in GDS®.

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